There are two primary types of DVD’s. The first are the ones you purchase from a shop with say a Hollywood Movie on them. The second are made using a computer, DVD Camera or DVD recorder and usually have your family footage or a perhaps a wedding. We don’t convert the first type due to copyright reasons and because they are very robust and if not physically damaged, exposed to really high heat or constant moisture will last for decades. The second type which usually have a purple coloured under / playing side are prone to failures even after a few years if a poor quality blank disc was used. We can convert these to MP4 Digital files and supply them on a USB key. Prices vary a bit, but on average the cost is $20 + $10 for the USB key Call Tony on 0407-647-866 with any questions you may have about DVD conversion
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A lot of DVD’s have a limited life span! We can convert them to USB!
Convert your DVD’s to USB Before They Fade Away !! (click here for info)
Brisbane’s best hand crafted High Definition & DVD Slide Shows are here at Brismedia.
MODERN Style Slideshow The Modern style is best used for large quantity of images or where your budget is very tight or you need a rushed job. Basically each image is shown for about 6 seconds accompanied by a slight zoom out to reveal the whole image then it dissolves into the next image this is our most popular slideshow and is accompanied by a delightful instrumental music track. You can pause the slideshow at any time to view a clear still image. For an additional charge we can use music of your choice. Price is for slide show only. COST*: $80 for 001-200 images Over 200 images = $80 + $10 - for each additional 100 photos ( e.g 500 photos = $110) NB: *Price quoted for Montage Excludes USB Key USB key add $10 If the montage is required on DVD add $15
We offer stunning USB High Definition MP4 & CD / DVD Slideshow styles to suit every budget and every occasion such as 21st Birthdays, Wedding Anniversaries, Christenings, Memorial Services, Life History and others. Prices start at $80
There is a lot to making a quality Slideshow or montage. I recommend you visit our desktop version of this website fro more details
EMOTIVE Style Slideshow These are popular for 21st Birthdays, Wedding Anniversaries and Memorial Services to mention a few. Usually clients pick one or two songs special to them and carefully select the images to use. You need about 10 pictures for every minute of music. We look at what is important in each picture and focus on getting the best effect from it. These slideshows are suited to wide screen Television as they fill up the whole screen. The effects are breathtaking and all applied by a skilled technician (that’s me), no automated software or crappy effects are ever used. Price is for slide show only. COST from: $200 for up to 40 images and one song. $380 for up to 80 images & two songs. For tighter budgets we can do more simple effects on some of the images. Options can include opening closing titles adding of video footage and your choice of music. NB: *Price quoted Excludes USB key . USB key = $10 If the montage is required on DVD add $15
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